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Let’s Make Ripples With Dripple

September 28, 2021
Written by Brianna Keogh

Introducing a new way to connect Deaf freelancers with Deaf small businesses, organizations and schools.

Let’s talk about the ripple effect. If only you could see my fingers right now! It’s like a fluttering of skin-covered bones (oh, yes, I’m feeling the spooky season already), and I’m practically attacking the keyboard as I write this sentence because the words are pouring out of my head. The power of words – it’s all about making an impact.

This is what I do every single day, typing away all day, and you know what? I absolutely am in love with this keyboard I call my instrument, because it can create magic with the power of words. What someone has to say, someone’s story, can truly create waves.

Freelance work is a way to support the signing economy.

Freelance work is a way to support the signing ecosystem. With all kinds of creative projects in the air, this kind of collaboration benefits both the freelancer, the business, and the community at large, but only when these two parties find one another.

How do we connect Deaf freelancers to the businesses and organizations that need them?

As a deaf freelance writer, it can be difficult. How can we build connections and opportunities if we don’t know where to look? Is it convenient to find and access us, or for us to find you, in a way that’s as easy as pressing a button? Not quite.

I remember once someone asked me if I provided writing freelancing services. I responded to her, “Certainly! I’d be happy to do these kinds of projects when and if these opportunities arise!”. This woman looked at me and then suggested to me that I should make it clear that I’m providing these kinds of services on my LinkedIn so people know to find me.

That stuck in my mind, because I realized she was right. She went on to explain that it’s been an ongoing struggle for her and the organization she’s a part of to find and identify deaf professional service providers that can not only provide the skill set they’re looking for but are AVAILABLE and interested to do so. How can we find one another, she asked?

That’s the problem here. Even in a small and tight-knit community, we are scattered. We have less opportunities, resources, and streams of income and every day we work hard to change that.

In order to uplift one another, to gain greater success as a community and as deaf individuals, we must provide deaf people with career opportunities.

Similarly, contributions from deaf lenses and world views bring new perspectives and approaches that benefit everyone. Together we can support each other, bypassing the common hurdles of language barriers and biases to reach greater distances and heights together, support deaf people’s pockets, boost our creative juices, and accelerate growth. But, as you know, it’s not easy or convenient to find freelance support in the Deaf community. Freelancers don’t always have easy access to organizations or companies. There’s no central platform for that.


… But what if such a thing existed? Imagine a platform full of possibilities that can become a reality in an instant. Click. You’ve got freelancers’ profiles open, with their rates, availability, communication channel, and everything you need to know. And there you have it! You’ve got a connection, a way to communicate, and an easy way to pay them. Ta-da, someone to make your project and dream come true is here to support you with what you need!

Well, guess what? It exists. And it’s available to y’all as of today. Yes, you read that right!

Dripple is a space for Deaf freelancers and professionals and it’s about to make some serious waves.

Dripple is for the wave-makers. It’s where Deaf freelancers share knowledge and businesses come to discover new talent. So much power and potential lie in the community, and now there’s a way for us to easily connect.

Visit to learn more today.

Feeling like you want to howl with excitement yet?! Join us over at whether you’re a freelancer or looking for services, and let’s get started!